BLOCNETS: The future of supply chain has arrived.

Imagine easily and affordably connecting your entire supply chain down to the smallest supplier, no training required. Both real-time and historical data are available across the supply chain, all of it immediately searchable. Every material and part entered into the supply chain is validated, eliminating the risk of counterfeit or substandard components. All data and intellectual property are securely stored, creating a permanent record that can’t be tampered with. The movement of every part can be quickly tracked and traced, offering complete visibility and a single version of the truth across the supply chain.

BLOCNETS delivers all of this and more. Our proven solutions deliver a true peer-to-peer network that uses secured distributed ledger technologies to integrate the entire supply chain.

The BLOCNETS products are built on the HyperLedger Fabric blockchain technologies of SAP, AWS, and IBM, and are offered as subscription services on those platforms. We integrate the Hyperledger Fabric with IoT messaging and sensors, machine learning tools, and data analytics—all on a secured cloud platform, helping customers to manage their supply chains with the most advanced technologies. In addition to our commercial solutions, we offer the only blockchain product on the market that’s compliant with the U.S. government cloud (we are NIST800-53 L4 certified on AWS), coming early 2019.

An integrated supply chain starts with high-quality data.


Document Management

Contractual Data

“As Designed” Bill of Materials

“As Built” Bill of Materials

Material Provenance

Material History

Whatever your industry, BLOCNETS can transform your business.

BLOCNETS closes the performance gap between the top and bottom performing companies.

  • Economically connect all network participants, eliminate counterfeiting and bad parts, and speed up the delivery of your aerospace products

Industrial Manufacturing

Get an accurate view of the materials and parts needed for manufacturing and rapidly deliver parts and products across the network.


Race past the competition with an integrated supply chain and the visibility you need to align supply with demand.


Position your energy company for success with the visibility you need for the digital future.

Eliminate substandard parts, ship more quickly across borders, and respond quickly to rapid changes in demand.

Validate the authenticity of components, secure your intellectual property, and get the transparency you need to fill orders in an accurate and timely manner.

Introducing RATIO

A cutting-edge solution for today’s supply chains.

RATIO integrates SAP’s Hyperledger, IoT, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics all on a secure cloud platform for commercial use. 

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Why choose BLOCNETS?

At BLOCNETS, we understand the real-world supply chain management problems your organization faces. With more than 75 years of combined experience in supply chain management, our management team knows both the problems and the possibilities. We’ve spent our entire lives working in the trenches to integrate and run some of the world’s most complex supply chains—and we’ve combined that knowledge with cutting-edge blockchain technologies to deliver the most advanced solutions on the market. Our products are proven to take supply chain performance to a whole new level.

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