BLOCNETS is a unique software company focusing on the development and implementation of the first Intelligent Supply Chain on the Blockchain solutions. Our products integrate the Hyperledger Fabric with IoT messaging and sensors, Machine Learning tools, and Data Analytics all on a secured Cloud Platform.

Our Blockchain Solutions

Introducing BLOCNETS BLOC.1c & BLOC.2s software.

BLOC.1c integrates SAP’s Hyperledger, IoT, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics all on a secure cloud platform for commercial use.

BLOC.2s integrates AWS’s Hyperledger IoT, Machine Learning, & Data Analytics all on a NIST 800-53 Level 4 Certified cloud platform (coming early 2019).

At the core of our solution is the ability to validate part provenance (anti-counterfeit), flow down contractual requirements and configuration details, track, trace, shipping and receiving (parts movements), global trade document management, and bill of materials integration.

BLOCNETS' BLOC.1c can be used in a variety of industries such as:

Aerospace and Defense
Consumer Packaging
Medical Devices
Oil and Gas

To start the ready-to-run trial of the BLOCNETS’ BLOC.1c solution, basic background information is required.

Once BLOCNETS has the necessary information, a representative will be in contact within 5 business days to set up a phone interview to discuss additional information and demonstrate how BLOC.1c can reform the supply chain within your company. 

Once the interview is completed, the last step is to set up a user and activate the secure network utilizing BLOC1.c

Preliminary Information for the BLOC.1c Trial


Below is the essential information required to start the BLOC.1c trial. If you have any questions regarding the information required, please feel free to email

Step 1 of 2 - Basic Information



The concepts of an integrated supply chain are not new to people within supply chain management. The problem was any solution would require a very large investment in money and time.

Fast forward to today, the commercialization of blockchain technology, mainly, a distrusted ledger now allows an integrated supply chain concept to become reality, and thus, BLOCNETS was created.

The management team at BLOCNETS have over 75 years of combined Supply Chain management experience as both practitioners and integrators. This knowledge combined with some of the best developers positions BLOCNETS as an innovation driver within supply chain solutions.